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作品赏析 | 微小说:Lost in Abyss(迷失深海)

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“Let's get going. I can't wait to start exploring” Lee stomped excitedly and chatters ceaselessly in Jon's ear as he was checking the equipment. Lee and Jon are deep-sea explorers, also Lee is a mechanic and Jon is a technology geek. Their private submarine once won seventh place in World Science and Design Competition. Their footprints have been all over the Pacific and Arctic oceans. The highest record they ever held was nine kilometers deep. This time, however, the forthcoming challenge they will take is exploring a whole new world they have never reached - 10,000 meters deep.


Jon had finished checking the equipment. All indicators and data are normal and running. He stared a few times at the instrument in one part and muttered something." Five hundred and thirty-nine kilometers, six hundred and fifty-two, could be more than..." "Hello? Hello? Are you okay? You have broken your habit of staring into space again, my friend." Lee patted glassy-eyed Jon on the shoulder. It may be a little tiring, or it may be the anticipation of the adventure ahead.


At 10:36 a.m., they arrived at their destination in a ship carrying a submarine. After making the final preparations, they went into the submarine. The ship's crane slowly lowered the submarine into the sea. Lee and Jon gradually disappeared from thesurface.


The interior space of a submarine was relatively narrow because large body size and non-streamline could increase the resistance acting on the submarine. Through a piece of bullet-proof glass that was resistant to high pressure, they could get a clear view of the sea world they are in.


Although they modified the spatial distribution of the submarines so that they felt there was plenty of room. However, compared with the vast ocean, they are just a leaf.


5 meters, 10 meters, 23 meters... They began to dive. Slowly a variety of Marine life began to appear around it. The world here was wonderful and awesome. Several sharks were circling their submarine, but the two were not nervous. They understood that sharks are one of the most docile animals in the world. 224 meters, 229 meters... The ecology here was still rich and diverse. Giant shoals of sardines formed a moving black shadow. Many other amazing species don't have names that shine through here.


An hour later, they reached a depth of 6,483 meters. The light faded away as the submarine dived. It's a dark world, full of creatures that no one knows about. They turned on the searchlights and continued their dive.


"9,983 meters, 9,989 meters, 9,994 meters, 10,000 meters! We did it, friend." They both shouted excitedly. "I suggest we open a bottle of champagne and celebrate when we get back," Lee said. Positively, it was a historic moment of honor for them.


Bang! As Jon spoke, their submarine was hit hard on the seabed by a force. "What's the matter? There's nothing in the way!" Lee said. "To be exact, we were hit by something. Damn, the dashboard is not working!" Jon replied calmly. The piston of the submarine's ballast tank was knocked out, which meant that they could not control the submarine's buoyancy from the tank. They were trying to stay calm and checked the damage to the submarine.


"Hey, Lee, put down the wrench. You listen carefully. My god, what's that noise?" Strange sounds were heard all around them. The voice was harsh and sounded like some kind of wild animal. The searchlights could still be turned on. When they turned on the light, they were frighten broken bravery by what they saw.


In front of them was a huge beast of prey. It's extremely ugly. The huge mouth and teeth about the size of a mammoth can tear anything apart. It was a heteromorphic creature because it looked like a fish, but its huge body doesn’t look like the fish we familiar with. Its eyes were empty and lifeless, just white. A basking shark came slowly as if God had sent it to ease the tension. But, in a flash, the blood gushed out. The basking shark was ripped apart by the beast. At this point, Lee and Jon realized that they have entered the territory of the beast. Lee and Jon both gasped. They did not know whether the beast would attack them the next second. That’s the fact that even the most ambitious explorers fear the unknown.


It's been deadlocked for about fifteen minutes. They felt hopeless and even ready to die. For a split second, a bold idea, which is the only one that would give them a chance at salvation, came to Jon. "Lee, eject the rear airbag and blow it up quickly. I'll start the catapult." "Catapult? Blow up airbags? You're kidding! Our gravity balance would be out of balance and our oxygen supply would be cut off!" "It's the only way to keep us alive. Don't talk nonsense. Just do it!" They blew the airbag off. The gas, which had been trapped in the airbag, quickly hit the water and created a huge impact. The beast was caught flat-footed by the sudden onslaught. The submarine was also pushed up to 9, 313 meters by the upward thrust. Fortunately, without the system of gravity, they were slowly making their way upward. Unfortunately, their oxygen content was very limited. They had to last forty-eight minutes.


The submarine rose to an altitude of six kilometers. Their submarines were churning, buoyed by liquid buoyancy and weak currents. "Oh my god, it's so hard. I feel like I'm carsick." Lee complained. "Say no more. We're running out of oxygen. From now on, take a small breath, just like with red wine." Jon responded.


They kept their cool and floated across the Atlantic. At last, after another twenty-six minutes, they rose to the surface. "Thank god we survived." "Jon sighed. "Well, my friend, I have called for international help. We can go home in a minute." Lee said.


They set a new record for submarines, but they never went to sea again.




乔恩检查完设备。所有指示灯和数据正常运行。他一边盯着仪器看了几遍,嘴里咕哝着什么。“五百三十九公里,六百五十二公里,可能比……”“喂,喂?你还好吗? 你又犯了发呆的习惯了,老朋友。”李拍了拍目光呆滞的乔恩的肩膀。他可能有点累了,也可能是对未来冒险的期待。







5米,10米,23米……他们开始下潜。慢慢地,各种各样的海洋生物开始出现在他们周围。这里的世界是美好且令人敬畏的。有几条鲨鱼围着他们的潜水艇,但这两个人并不紧张。他们知道鲨鱼是世界上最温顺的动物之一。224米,229米……这里的生态仍然丰富多样。巨大的沙丁鱼群形成了一个移动的黑影。 许多其他神奇的物种的名字并没有在这里闪闪发光。


一小时后,他们到了六千四百八十三米深的地方。 潜水艇潜入深海中,光线逐渐消失。这是一个黑暗的世界,到处都是无人知晓的生物。他们打开探照灯,继续下潜。




砰! 就在乔恩说话的时候,他们的潜艇被一股力量重重地砸在了海床上。“怎么了?出什么事了? 面前什么也没有!”李说。“确切地说,我们被什么东西撞了。该死,仪表盘坏了!”乔恩在尝试平静地回答。潜艇压载舱的活塞坏掉了,这意味着他们无法从舱中控制潜艇的浮力。他们试图保持冷静,检查潜艇的损坏情况。